Gramps Hooks

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Used with conjunction with Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher to stretch full wrap stairs without a kicker.

Gated Ramp System

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Trailer Ramp System

 Available in 32" and 36" width
Fits most barn door trailers with 5 1/2' opening. Fits on both the left or right side of trailer. Ramp is 66 1/2" long. The aluminum ramp is strong enough to support 2500 lbs, has a non-skid surface for traction and has 2" side rails to help keep load in place. Comes with accessory legs to convert to a level workbench. 

Portable Ramp

Available in two widths 32" and 36", they will fit into most doorways.At 65" in length they are easy to handle yet long enough for most of your ramping needs.Made out of a custom Aluminum Design they are light weight yet still have an immense weight capacity of 2500 lbs.

Deluxe Portable Ramp

The Deluxe Portable Ramp is perfect for Industrial applications. Its versatility is just what you need when you don't have a Euro Style Van.