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OUR MISSION: Build a better ramp

Hi, Ray Knapp,  Gramps LLC nice to meet you.

Say are you familiar with the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit vans? They are growing in popularity with most commercial businesses.

I also own one and during my travels I have noticed that there is a great need for having a versatile ramp to use out of one of these vans. 

I have seen many of them on the market, but I didn't like how they limited the use of the back doors.

Out of self necessity I have created the Gated Ramp. This ramp allows the use of the rear doors without the need to remove or deploy your ramp. 

I have been improving my design for over 4 years and I have patented it as well. 

I have recently added an accessory set of legs to the design, allowing the ramp to be leveled faster and used as a work bench giving it even more versatility.

GRAMPS, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.